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I'm Kristin

Who can you trust with your photos?

Are you having a hard time wading through all the photographers out there? You want to know what your experience with them will be. Or maybe you’ve had an experience that you don’t want to repeat but you don’t know who to call for your next photo session.

You know what? I’ve been there too! Even as a photographer I don’t always know which photographer to pick. 

What do you want? Do you even know? Do you want someone that can work with you and your ideas. Or maybe you have no ideas and are overwhelmed with the thought of getting started.

That’s why I’m here!

I know the questions to ask to understand exactly what you want. Even if you aren’t sure yourself yet. 

From the first consult to the delivery of your artwork, I strive to provide a great customer experience. 

For both my luxury portrait clients and my branding clients, I get to know YOU. Your photos should reflect who you uniquely are. 

If you work with me for luxury portraits you will have beautiful printed products that come from the best labs in the world. Fall in love with the deckled edge matted prints carefully tucked into an Italian hand wrapped image box or a custom cotton rag album hand build to order in Poland. Every morning while you drink your coffee admire your family printed on your European hand built canvas. Luxury from start to finish.

My branding clients get help from the start with clarifying of your brand and finding yourself in it. Even after the photo session I help with every small detail (How many pixels should my photo be for a hero image? Guess What?! I even deliver the images perfectly sized for where you want to use them) And so much in between.

My client workload is limited to provide the best customer experience to everyone that works with me.

Photography for people who want the experience

Where did I get these skills?

Over the coarse of my life I’ve lived in 5 distinct places that have molded me into the person and photographer I am today. Each of these places gave me a skill that I use to provide a photography experience like no other to each and every one of my clients.

Customer ServiceDallas, TX
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I was born and raised in Texas, mostly in Dallas. There is nowhere like Texas for friendly people that want to help. Customer service has been ingrained in me since birth. Also, I make fantastic biscuits and gravy. And, yes, I do have a recipe for Red Velvet cake handed down from my grandma. 
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I started spending my summers in Alaska as a teen. Hiking, canoeing, climbing, camping, biking, and horseback riding. It was heaven on earth for a young adult. I learned a go anywhere, do anything attitude.  The photos are pretty epic too!
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For a girl from Texas, PA was quite a culture shock. Sometimes I couldn't even understand what people were saying to me. For the limited time I spent there, I found the people to have huge hearts willing to help with just about anything. They just did it without the sweet tea-sipping porch talks. I also learned to eat my soft pretzels with mustard.
LuxuryLexington, KY
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I've been part of the horse world since I was 6. Riding, teaching, training, and managing. Nothing compares to the luxury of the Thoroughbred industry in Kentucky. When a foal is worth $2 million the day it's born it is given the best of the best. I learned that small touches really count. My horse was born in a barn nicer than my house.
CommunityWashington State
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For the last 15 years I've been in the Puget Sound area of Washington, from Queen Anne to Olympia, and several places in between. I'm always surprised at the connections that I come across. We really do live in a small world and my reputation is invaluable.  Community ties us together. 
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