By Kristin Caldwell Photography

Telling your story because your story matters.

You are the face of your brand. 

I’m sure you have heard that before, but it really is true. I heard a saying awhile ago. It went, “Every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story matters.” It’s so true! Your brand story matters. 

As an entrepreneur and business owner you wear so many hats. I know because I’m right there with you. I also know that you could add Brand Specialist to that list. You could do the research to figure out how brand photography is different than portrait photography or how to resize your images for the perfect social media post. You could learn what posing you need to perfectly portray your brand identity. Or try to communicate exactly what you need to your regular portrait photographer.

But, do you want to? 

Or do you want a photographer that already knows about brand photography? Who can walk you through what to do to get images that perfectly line up with your personality and your brand?

I thought so.

Let me work with you to create the best images for your brand. Not just good images (really, almost any photographer out there can get you good images), but ones that you can post on your social media or website that really capture your unique brand.

When ranchers branded their cattle it was with a unique brand that was created to be hard to copy or alter. Every time people saw that brand they instantly knew who that represented.

Your personal brand should be the same. It should be easy to recognize you in the images that represent your brand.

Because you are unique, your images should be unique. 

A baker getting bread out of a commercial oven

Small Business

Small businesses want to be known.
Photos can clearly tell your future customers who you are and what you do. 

Social Media Content

Social media rewards those that have the best photos. Get ahead on your future content and take the worry out of what to post next. 

Computer, journal, and business card
product photo of journal/planner


What the session includes:

Recent Branding Projects

Balloon Roof Baking Company 
Artisan Sourdough Bakery
Fife, WA

Meg Glenn
Email marketing and business coaching

Ladies Against The Grain
Business coaching for professionals in the restaurant industry

Olympia, WA

Fashionably Frank Marketing
Web design and Social Media Marketing
Olympia, WA

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