Luxury Portraits

The Whole Family

Do you have a son/daughter home from college?
Or grandparents in town?

It’s a great time for family photos!

Intimate family group

Remember this fleeting time with family photos. 

Just One

You are worth it!

What is a luxury photographer?

Let me answer that by telling you about a trip I recently took with my family. I had been putting it off because I hate planning travel and trying to organize everyone’s personal travel desires. Then I was given the name of a custom travel designer. We gave her a mishmash of half thought-through ideas and she returned a fully planned vacation. It was ah-mazing. 5 stars! Would recommend! 

This is what I do for my clients and what I want to do for you. I am your personal custom photography designer. You give me your mishmash of half-thought out ideas and I bring you a fully planned photo shoot, help you pick your favorite images to print, and then I hand deliver and hang your new portraits. 

Back to my travel designer, not only did we actually get away and have a great time, but if I had put it off we would have run into COVID lockdowns. You never know what is going to happen tomorrow. I am so thankful for those memories with my family. The opportunity for that particular adventure will never come around again.

I also found myself loving to travel again and I actually look forward to our next trip. 

So many people put off having family photos done because it brings stress, and for what? For the files to get lost in a folder on your computer or the thumb drive to get shoved to the back of the junk drawer. I believe that family photos should be enjoyed daily. There are lots of options for displaying your photographs and my custom curated labs provide heirloom quality wall art, albums, and photo boxes. 

Don’t put off your photos. Before you know it, a year or two has gone by and you don’t have a photo to capture that time. 

Let’s make a plan for the best photo shoot you’ve ever had!

From start to print...


Often times this takes place at your home. It easy and relaxed as we plan the upcoming photoshoot. 

Portrait Session

This is when the magic happens!

Purchasing Appointment

Again, this often happens in the comfort of your home. You get to see your images and choose what we are going to print.

Samples of my work

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